Debuted Talon in NZ to mixed results!

Well mainly because it wound up spur of the moment when I was really really really unwell and SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT!


No really, I wound up scaring a lot of people over how rapidly I go from well to totally not at all and threatened with the hospital. And yes, still suffering physically.


Anyway so I think I have LJ and All The Social media hooked up now so…. on to the progression of the day!


So the Friday I might have gotten lost and then walked away too far and sort of ruined any chance of turning up to the show on Saturday. So I spent the day debriefing and sitting on my Iron Pillow Throne. So wish I’d grabbed a photo because it was totally a throne of pillows. Yay for the hotel having five pillows I had all to myself!!!!! I did though cut my tattoos:



Note the trades under them all 😉 And I think some may be late back to the library. I should not be allowed a library card! I also tested some of the scrap unprinted paper and was super happy:

DSC_1790 DSC_1791


I painted my hand then stuck the stuff over then cleaned with IA- I wish I was able to do this on the actual product as it really makes them look more subtle. But it basically removes the coating and leaves the gummy adhesive which is very hard to remove and will pick up dust.


So Sunday morning I woke at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep and thought.. what the heck! Stupid but logical for Stupid O’Clock!


Green tea and Isopropyl Alcohol…  Anyway yes. That was entirely painted by me and yes it took a few hours- you can see the two brushes I used in the small Klipit container. No idea if the metadata is still attached.. okay my comp says 7.49am. Sounds about right. Okay I have mentioned my gigantic ribcage before. You may now see why corsets are a tad not comfy and need to be very carefully made. Also why I can’t wear belts over an inch wide. Also sexay leopard print pants are my pj’s so shush.

So I started peeling, sticking and wetting. And wow, I love this stuff! So easy to print (aside from my printer issues) and cut and then stick. Just make sure to not get the backing wet before you stick because it will cause the tattoo to remain stuck to the clear side.



But bugger, the bikini sits too low so I wound up hiding too much of the tattoo I spent most time on! But in love with the chest tattoo! Also thigh and arm tatts need rescaling as my printer scales down and I hadn’t taken that in to account on those pieces. And then the face paint:



I learnt fast to not put paint on under the lekku. And the lekku have to stick all the way to the brows. Also I noticed how heavy Jan penciled her eyelashes so falsies!


So yes. hotel pillow plastic bags to protect the paint and i took up three basins at the showgrounds to actually stick the darn things on! Amusing moment was trying to dry the PA/cabosil Bondo hiding the seam. See those rectangles in the background. Yes hand dryers and I had to sit under them to dry the Bondo… which I also stippled latex over. Wet fingertips are the best way to smooth latex when still wet. Only trouble was I really needed hot water…. nevermind.

And I did use a paint brush just over an inch wide to get the glue on my forehead and to stick the gloves and leggings in place.


And then… well I stepped out of the ladies room and was stared at. Good staring but people were too shy to stop me until one person did and boom! A ring of cameras and phones. We live in an age where there is a camera on nearly every hand held device and while NZ is still one of the highest uptakers of new tech and social media we aren’t terribly sharing. So I think most of those photos are on private facebook accounts or on files on comps. I have found a few so will link them. Here if I can remember how WP works for linking…


8974805123_b2a3fbc684 8976001178_17c9684c9a armageddon_2013___black_spidey_with_darth_talon_by_lyctiger-d67nfa3

And soon after that… I wound up shivering outside the end of the Zombie walk and having to cut through to first aid. And that’s when I scared a lot of people. And I have to admit scared myself.


Anyway, back on the costume… I have plans to upgrade and get an actual shoot done (as in not a fly by photo grab 🙂 ).


Enlarging the tatts for arms and legs.

Adding the extra tatts that are less distinct for the back and upper hips (I have three pages spare to make up to ten sheets per application!)

New bikini! As per previous posts from wonderflex and leather.

New skirt strips, also leather from a piece that has been languishing in my stash for about a decade..

Thinning the lekku latex near the face

Repairing paint blotches on lekku..

Trimming lekku over ears and back of neck.

Make the thigh armour a little smaller…. or figure out a velcro arrangement.

New bikini bottom for the same reason and to expose a little more of the hip so as to put the thigh tatt in the right place.


But I really am in love with the costume and have been in contact with wonderful people with it (online and in person XD).

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