Rachi Sitra progress!

The Obi is actually an underbust corset cut way down. It doesn’t show the effect so much because the mannequin is slimmer than me at the hips and bigger through the waist 😉 But I need it for comfort’s sake: pressure on my ribs is something I avoid as much as possible.


Inner tunic tank tee with welts, sew down the selvage to avoid stretch, then cut on the bias to fit the front. Tall collar is tall and actually is the length of my neck.. ehem, it’ll be scrunched a little so I don’t look like I’m in a brace. It’s a super soft knit faux suede.

To do: face sleeves??? in matching knit to the darker aspects of the costume.

Loose tunic in mechincal stretch crepe with flared and split sleeves, all edged bound in (woven mechanical stretch) faux suede, self made and ironed.

To do: possible hooks and eyes CF

Tabbards in faux suede bound in ditto, shaped at the waist and satin stitched together to reduce bulk

Obi: glazed brown cotton and plain white canvas sewn as one, seam allowances top stitch to create soft support. Dark faux suede bound top and bottom, secondary layer of same stitched down. Obi overlayer/pale decoration cut and sewn by overlocker then hand sewn in place.

To do: hammer holes in the back and gather the obi “wrap” which will hide the lacing but be permanently attached.

Pants: same soft faux suede as the the inner tunic. Terrible back shape so as to stay in place….

Twi’lek headdress: dark faux suede shaped to lower half of head, wide strip of same sewn above and three large pin tucks sewn. Wide elastic threaded through to create the three rows seen in art- but allows for the whole thing to suction to my head.

To do: hooks and eyes at chin and forehead, decorative piece to cover the closure. Cut holes for ear buds/nubbins and see if I can make them small ish.

Lekku: Cleaned and painted purple.

To do: last layer of paint and stripes. Ick. Not looking forward to the stripes. 

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