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I did a tiny bit of texture work tonight to try and record- so difficult when trying to avoid shadows falling across the sculpt and/or camera and with a phone that has no screw mount…- and my wrist audibly crunched. I think I managed to grab a video after that (I really did not want to listen out for it) so hopefully when this video finally uploads I’ll have a reasonable presentation of an actual part of sculpting that is actually “easy” because of time invested in to making a tool that allows for fast repetition but also some variation!

But er, I am definitely feeling the benefits of my infusion in joints that are so far undamaged but there is nothing for already damaged joints.

In case anyone has forgotten, my wrists are borked:


And that was several years ago already. The ends of both of my ulnars have moved further in to the middle of my wrists.

Bone doesn’t disappear like that without a nasty cause.

I am however one of the lucky few who have this many views of their wrist before and after damage. The first xray was within a month of my trigger event so I technically had RA but it hadn’t caused erosion.

Still can’t get over that one bone that has eroded to a pea shape from being shaped like a banana. That is some serious erosion. Yet my results only suggested a mild joint space loss. Yeah because the freaking bone has gone! And the end of my radii have eroded too!

Actually I need to email my specialist to let him know about the anaemia situation. He may want me to have the injections even though they caused so much tissue damage last time. Muscle degradation in that instance. And two years of pain. Okay maybe not. Maybe I’ll just have to keep up with the Floravital even though it’s about 20 times the cost… more I think. Sigh.


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