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New obsession, the next armour project for sure

Senya Tirell. Look, she has pants! Comfy pants!


I have played SWTOR since beta. If you have been a long time follower you know it was the incredible Deceived cinematic that got me actually playing not only this game but then tackling Mass Effect which I had basically just watched playthroughs and read lore.

Flip forward to the latest expansion and I had a few worries that we were getting a not SW but more generic (but pretty!) Bioware space game and actually playing and getting something really pretty darn fun and very SW after all. The themes are all there, it’s just visually different.

Anyway. so after the 15 chapters (most of which you have to play in a single run) you wind up with a decision. A decision that will impact the next expansion, I will leave what actually happens. out of my spoiler free post!

By the time I played through the last few chapters I was a bit sidetracked by what was going on to remember what we were told in the first few chapters about this family and about the Eternal Fleet. So this next trailer is spoilery and yet not. And it’s pretty darn beautiful. And part of why I now really want to make Senya’s gear. I just want to say her actions are clearly multifaceted, there is a desire to protect her own but more than that an understanding of their potential impact.

I mean I have no idea what we’ll have to face in the end, but I know I’ve been very impressed by Senya as a companion as well as clashed with her.


Also if you are interested, the three cinematics for the start of the game:


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