more archive diving

I’m finding both scans and transcriptions and condensed notes that at least include original terms.

So today I have a much better way to sort my information, I even have a much better understanding of the items I thought were quite specific, but.. NO HATS!!!

I think I might have found one as it is described as golden. I know the name of the trade, I can find veils and cloths galore but nothing at all related to a hat.

Which is odd. 

But I found green and red clothing. The red is expected the green a really nice bit of supportive evidence of a stained glass window I’m interested in.

I do have some several hundreds of pages of personal papers to go through. One is magnificent for mens gear. It is described with enough detail when the writer describes his graduation, and what all the burghers wear. He includes clothing purchases, and even handily writes a top to toe descriptions that we can use as is.

So this is why I haven’t deep dived men’s wear. I collect information about the craft and the trade but the challenge in finding women’s dress is very much harder. 

There is one top to nearly toe description of a dress for a girl about to go into the orders, and I think also a dress for her a year before.

The list of items for her actually entering orders is really interesting too.

So! Back to the copying!