so tired

But I’ve been able to scan the entire dissertation I need for all the Nordrhein information which is somewhat different to the Westfalen information which is different to the Östfalen information!

What really came across was the ubiquity of many phrases across the entire region. There is a lingual connection right across and it matches up with what I have been reading about the languages in general. It’s all far too much to delve into in a blog post but it’s already been heavily explored so mainly I need to try and create a guide to finding information.

I also very much want to create a visual guide, as that hasn’t really been done. Definitely not combining the text with the imagery. But basically the text now reveals that those different garment treatments really do have different terms. And it’s something that is informing my choices in my own gear.

And once I have the Nordrhein sorted I will work through the Westfalen and Östfalen. Because those a text rich if not image rich.