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A man can wear a bow tie and a fez and heโ€™s in costume. A woman can spend hundreds of pounds or weeks of her time on an exact replica of an outfit a minor character wore onscreen for five minutes, whilst reciting the Prime Directive in Klingon, and sheโ€™s an attention-seeking slut.

– The New Statesman on fake geek girls (x)

Reblogging this as I ran smack-bang into this mentality on my comics blog earlier today.

It makes me want to give up on humanity as a whole sometimes, it really does.

(via brentkeane)

๐Ÿ™ But thank you for standing up on this, as an over achiever myself I get the try hard and attention seeker thing too. That said, I have also had some super conversations especially in regard to Mass Effect. I got to geek hard core with people at both Armageddons this month about the feelz and key mashing and how I had no idea I am actually a brawler- all this time I have been stand back and shoot but no, f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fffffff-pow! Omniblade uppercut!!!!!! Soooo satisfying.

Anyway. I mainly get the negativity online not in person. Or at least I have rarely had issues with being bailed up in person about my geek knowledge. I used to get it with my science background.. good grief there were people not believing I was able to get my degree the way I did and have a nice broad base and could talk about space time, string theory, certain periods of art and biochemistry.

It’s not that I’m super smart just super curious and enthusiastic. I literally divided my uni time between classes, labs and the library where I would work my way around the costume history, shakespeare and where I was supposed to be for class ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I would learn instead of go to the movies, or socialise. So yeah. Nerd. the absolute epitome of the shy girl nerd.

And then the same while at performing art school, and when working and still now.

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