Happy N7 Day to you weirdos in the slower timezones 😉 My own N7 celebrations fell over because 5 hour power cut and half battery on all my portable devices.

But I am about to refresh my hair colour to a more Lizzie Shep colour 🙂

(Photo credits: 

1) Matt and Kristy (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattandkristy/10488492154/

2) http://whatabigcamera.com

3) & 4) Me 😉

5) Fraser Clark (http://www.flickr.com/photos/judasnz/10569174124/ )

5) The friend of the maker of the Pinkie Pie Cannon: http://reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/v4u4h/so_my_friend_went_to_a_gaming_expo_and_took_this/

Right to the dye and shower and lots and lots of scrubbing with Ajax to clean up after! Will miss the pink-purple hair but it is fading and this should just liven it up a bit. I’m tempted to just put in a stripe of red to be honest…

AND TITS: Nearly done drafting my Miranda catsuit!

Link: AND TITS: Nearly done drafting my Miranda catsuit!


Things I’ve learned:

– Miri has a super long torso and fitting this goddamn detail on her back while keeping the proportions right is HARD

I think they added extensions to Samara’s legs cause the seams they used on her made my legs look short and I don’t have short legs.

– I have a buttload of screencaps of her and thank christ I do, I needed ALL OF THEM

Bioware, making things asfadiaehjtvyulortulyd6e545urd difficult for costumers

– I am going to be so over piping by the end of this!

hah! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha… I think this is the first convention I have not had to pipe anything new in a very long time.