Progress? YES!

It’s so exciting to be able to post something positive! I’m doing so well with physio and orthotics that I’m *almost* able to walk on tip toe for a bit. Oh trust me this is exciting. It means neural connections are restoring and I’m rebuilding strength on the medial side of each leg (inner.) I’m even stretching deeper and I managed to jog intermittently!

I know I’m not recovered enough to do too much. The reality of Achilles tendinopathy, in general and bilateral especially, is the very disordered healing that follows. It’s a hot mess of inflammation, of influx of blood, of scarring, of thickening. So it’s too easy to reset from start if you get excited and try too hard.

But I can do heel raises on call, and if done quickly I guess I can do 10 reps? But I can feel my ankles do an arc between lower and upper calves engaging, so I am also doing some veeeery slow ones to specifically engage my inner quads. And oh look at that, those *burn* and I can even feel it up to my ribs!

So this is great, it means my efforts to try and limit my whole leg numbness (separate issue) by maintaining posture while sitting, and by raising my cushioned seating works in and each rehab, supports the other.

It’s meant I was able to update my other website and start to plan my “OMG, these are actually bloody amazing” page about English mantua. I can then use that to explain what I’ve gleaned from European gowns of the time.

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