I had to deregister at ICMS- K’zoo

Today my PC decided to break down. If I’m very lucky indeed it is resolved-ish (there is still a problem in booting.) But spending all of my good hours on it today is not recoverable. The unpredictability means it’s unfair to keep the organisers waiting. It was going to be hard to pay for registration anyway but today was the day I would have.

Unfortunately I can’t even say “well I can put it towards a new PC” because I am still paying for physio and I need to see the dentist. I can put off glasses for a little longer as my last set of glasses were too strong and I’m only now fitting them. But that’s not a good solution.

If none of this happened I was on track. My health limits how many hours I have to spend on everything so while I know my health would not let me fit in the hours I’ve spent on this over the next week it is still my PC failing that has put me in this position. It’s something that would be an issue for anyone who can’t just rock up to by a new PC on the same day. Because that too would have given me a good chance of recovering.

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