I think progress

Currently trying to limit a fibro flare through every means I have so I managed about half an hour on the sofa in a nest of pillows and got my patterning book files into an order that seems to make sense. Probably will change it all later, I do know I want the pattern block sections separate from everything else so that they can be used however people need them.

I am really trying to work out if I should put the tailor patterns in with mine or have them separate? The point was to use my system, it’s built on the scant evidence we had 20 years ago, scant for frocks anyway. Recently I realised what I was doing was producing good but pretty specific to me garments. I happen to not need a lot of adapting pattern pieces so yes, my own would naturally blend in.

So fast forward to my current project which is c1530-36 Portugal. And a frustration with so few depictions of the specific gown type. The closed front and closed skirt front, and the full sleeve.

I have reread Hispanic Costume and in doing so have a bit more hat research (yes! bonet means the same item across many countries, though it’s “banit” or “benet” closer to Kleve.) But also wow. A bit of confirmation of what I was thinking and also “blam!” Totally rethinking how I read paintings.

So allll of that is whizzing around my head in all kinds of directions and I’m leaving notebooks all over the place because I know ideas start to coalesce into more solid forms when I’m not directly thinking about them.

Herding cats would describe it well.

Except they are all in my head and trying to talk to me at once.

Like in the shower I had a realisation that the Lengberg “bra” fits into my system. For all the reasons everything fits in my system. For the same reason I worked out my system from my patterns.

So that’s another cat up there. But this one is saying something much easier to understand than the rest.

But I forgot to write that down so I’ll open up another tab and…. done. Yay.

I don’t know why I thought rewriting 20 years of patterning research was what I needed to do this year.

But I did.

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