The 1660 schnittbuch at last!

I regularly do narrow and broad searches for tailor manuals I know exist as they have been written about, but finally, FINALLY, I found an open access copy of “Das Schnittbuch aus Bregenz” By Ingeborg Petrascheck-Heim!

The link takes you directly to the first page of the article, but I’ve been putting these into a timeline of links with little previews than can be seen here:

Interestingly like a lot of these 17th/early 18thC books there are some really old cuts included.

This includes bodice cutting that looks like a tube. We are familiar with this through the Schuster book which is also a later copy of an earlier work, Petraschek-Heim refers to this in “Die Meisterstückbüeher des Schneiderhandwerks in Innsbruck.”. These also appear in Koehler’s History of Costume.

I like to be able to link to the manuscripts themselves as well as the articles written about them but it’s not always easy. So I need to check all the links of the timeline as there have been a few changes to open access in different European countries so some links may be broken or need updating.

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