I’m still waiting on a dissertation to arrive, I totally understand why it’s taking a while! I have a summary that is still very useful, and finally a nice clear layout of where donor portraits were and to hopefully figure out a way to name each of the donors I’m interested in.

While that book works its way across the world, I’ve been putting all my historical costuming files in order.

I like to collect images but have had a habit of recollecting them later, and winding up with files in multiple places.

I usually search for very specific information. But if I come across something interesting that is not related I will collect and store that. That includes things like books of trades, and medicine, and recipes and extant clothing and textiles- usually not in English but increasingly easier to translate that’s to OCR scanning!

But I used to store my stash of portraits and figurative art by country, by artist.

What used to be my 1499-1620 folder is now my “Anne” folder with sub categories for regions, clothing elements and more. All my tailoring books are in there, as too are all my files on extant clothing.

It’s so much easier now.

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