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I’ve spent the last few months pretty stressed, it’s not going to get better but I’m trying to keep focused on the fact I am still able to work on my projects (as pain and fatigue permit) and it’s helping a bit. I also am able to finish work on my little photo area at the back of my studio and I have a very good DSLR with remote so I can get some good photos.

I’ve painted the back wall with a nice clear turquoise by mixing phthalo blue and green, as they are translucent and mix with wall paint nicely. And I have a nice rug, the two together will be great for some Bruyn inspired portraits.

I’ve been working on my Anne of Cleves research too. I’m finally confident in some aspects that I’m able to actually write in a fairly linear manner. It’s a lot though. All my images have to be cropped and edited and named in a format that makes them quick to find. The written information is so much harder. But I’ve finally managed to get most of that sorted. My unsorted 16thC folder is down from 1500 images to about 400, and 200pdfs down to 60. It’s much more impressive when you realise I had to skim read the contents of each and the topics range from extant textiles, to artists, to archival material from Denmark to Prague and across to Spain.

Luckily the main theme is words about clothes so I’ve got a few keywords to refer to.

But I really need to get each individual archival document formatted in a very similar way to my images. Date, region, artist/archive, person.

This is working well, as I have a few double ups that are now possible to spot.

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