Finally Elsa

After a lot of time I finally have the perfect chiffon for my Elsa gown, and apparently this particular brand sells out super fast. I can see why. It’s super soft and sheer and is ideal for both gathering and draping, and it has none of the sheen that you get in some chiffon, so, I get it. I have just enough if I can handle a fair bit of top and tailing of gores, and you know, that is easily in my wheelhouse, it’s the planning to do so. I might need to split the sleeve capes like I did my ice cape, but again, I’ve done that before.

It’s sheer enough but as soon as I dip dye the hem it will do exactly what happens in the film. It will make the hem seem to get more sheer. So yes, this is a really amazing fabric to be able to do all of that.

So this means that I can start the sleeve capes while figuring out how much charmeuse for the lining and exactly how to cut the sequin fabric. I think I’m going to do a slightly unexpected cut. Basically darting the sequins at each point so that I can shape over my hips and wind up with a fuller hem. There are a few strange things going on in the skirt because they went even further in making her gown as unattached to reality as possible. Knit fabrics do a lot of work in interpreting animation but this possibly goes even further and could only be made real with a machine that could knit or crochet the piece in one.

But I need a fun and beautiful project as it’s getting more and more difficult to do anything and it’s genuinely not something I can just get over myself. It’s not a personal issue, it’s an accessibility one.

Today might be the last relatively risk free travel I did locally, as unfortunately neither the flu nor CV vaccine will be available for me for several months, and it’s absolutely a life and death situation. My permanent cough from my last round of flu cannot be Dxed as anything until I get a CT and I can’t get a CT because nothing shows on an xray. And I am seriously looking at how much they cost. Okay. It’s the cost of a mid range laptop. Which I desperately need.

But I also really need to have Dx of this bronchitis as it is limiting my life. Okay. Tomorow. Tomorrow I call my Rheumy nurse, and GP. I will have to go through the respiratory clinic meaning a nose swab but I really need this current activity of cough to settle to be allowed a vaccine when it does become available.

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