I got a tad overwhelmed

Yesterday I got so excited by lots of very nifty finds. And in the last week I have also come across the Boissard costume book (considered the first- but I think that means first in print) and the fully scanned one which includes several pages of intermediary plates.

These pages are either the costume image alone or the costume image with added borders and what looks to be script below. And that script looks very much like the font I have finally settle on for my book.

Anyway so that was great. 

Not so great is the quick travel to a whole bunch of pain yesterday afternoon. 

The medication we tried for the fibro I think may have helped but it also meant I was waking up nearly every hour at night and that is a side effect that doesn’t seem too bad but means it is a no go.

I deal with the poor wound healing of leflunomide, dealt with repeated hair loss with methotrexate, but when it means no sleep that’s when I need to ask for an alternative. And this headache is no fun either.

Anyway, today I may just do a batch of image editing and get the Cleves info actually up and ready. Found some really nifty coincidental images that may offer even more information.

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