Oh so tired

Currently in bed listening to The Good Place which is my go to when I feel down or tired. It is so good.

Today I have managed to finish the artwork for all the skirts and have imported half the bodices.

I forgot how very quickly I can learn something new. But I am also itching to be finished with this so I can share the darn thing!

I also am a bit behind due to spending a morning cutting waxed paper to repair one of my precious research books. One of the best biographies of Anne of Cleves. Mr Carlo is litter phobic and well….. My book is was in the crossfire.

I’m sad because I kept it in such good condition. But now I have been able to remove the illustrated pages and scan them. I’ve seen my previous scan copied and shared so I’ll try and put out the most information.

So I also got the skirt illustrations in the book file. It’s too slow loading, so I may make the whole book into more discrete parts so as to not overload my computer.

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