backwards to move forwards

Today was spent reorganising bookmarks and also tidying. It was good to get them both done, as they will help in the near future when it comes to getting my Cleves set sorted as well as sorting out the revamped Frazzled Frau website. So on the one hand, hooray! On the other sigh another delay.

However the tidying has also helped me decide to say whoops sorry to perfect authenticity, which I do anyway,and put a little neck frill on the collars of my partlets and hemden. It helps soften a very harsh line. Anna doesn’t have one on her partlet (which is not cutwork- it’s pearls on brocade)  and that’s actually not too bad on a partlet. But on a chemise that is under a support garment it can be hard to make sure the collar is perfectly in place. And that can lead the the collar digging in ever so and so being very unflattering! Sadly both ruffs I made from the same linen as my chemise disappeared into stash somewhere during my early SCA years. Having put the time and effort into 1mm hems over 6m in total.. I really don’t want to do that again unless they are attached. I have a set of ruffs for hands and neck in a more solid linen and I’ll me making them into a full set because I am not losing them too! My solid linen partlet seems to have disappeared as well.

So I currently have my linen all in one place, it’s not leaving the house until made into a garment I can put a label into!

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