long time no write

I’ve been either Doing Things or Flat Asleep.

Not much room for anything else these days.

But oh wow have I been incredibly inspired.

  1. I have been cutting Elsa flurries (have to have big breaks between- my RA means all my muscles in my forearm and fingers are tight but I can’t afford physio for them. Anyway cutting cramps my hands badly.
  2. I have my Elissa overhaul to the stage I’m excited to make it actually look more like the Hamburg and the Aussie productions. The amount of trim….
  3. . Maleficent! My last set of images sent to Autodesk ReCap Photo worked! A but wobbly on the underside of the horn which can be smoother out. So my sculpt is now in the digital realm.
  4. Ahsoka. I am so, so , so excited by how well this is now going. I need to get the courage to print. I need to get the platform aligned and remove the PLA but I know that I can follow the instructions until that becomes routine. The leather has been tough (hah!) but I think worth it. I forgot just how much paint I may need so I’ll see how much coverage I have and then go from there.

Not great photos though, and I seem to be missing a lot of progress from instagram to over here. I don’t like doubling info to my facebook page… but then that’s how FB works. Might just have to get that up and running again. Also the auto import thing used to grab all the IG cropped photos but haven’t for a while so I need to process all those smaller images. Might have to do a day of Tech Tidy.

I think Elissa could be really fast if I was to machine the trim but I really would like to see if I can do some more craft days with friends and that is a fun one to just overhand in parts 🙂

Healthwise, physio is making a huge difference, even if I am still tight through the side and intercostals but the difference in how that feels iso much that I have been able to walk normally, even if still sore.

I have been able to isolate the sharp local pain of the break and the end of my 11th rib so I think, I think maybe I just bruised the end for want of a better word. It is very very tender compared to the rest of the ribs. It does stick out further (as it probably should being the side that has a kidney under it- which explains why the direction of the pain is familiar.)

And my hands are tingly and a bit numb and I do not what the conversation I need to have about real surgery to fix the carpal tunnel. That is today as I have put it off for as long as possible.

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