Elissa skirt update

I have a cough still and it’s obviously aggravating my ribs but I am pretty sure I’m no longer infectious.

So I’ve been feeling a bit blue, but have been trying to stay inspired.

Getting 10m of tulle in the underskirt and unpicking what was probably 10m of tulle from the original and getting it in place has drastically changed the fullness! I’ll have to be very careful how I stitch the layers together. I suspect I’ll need to add a plain cotton layer to the taffeta.

So I didn’t wind up working with the bling bling of the skirt as I intended but coo, this skirt now is super full! But I also need to find the photos I took of where to put the last of the stones! And yes, they are the last. Sigh. I keep checking to see if there are any little tubes still.


I also very definitely am settling on a Big As Frock design. Lots of inspiration. If anyone has seen my facebook page or here, yes Charles James is playing a big part in that 🙂 I’m not actually in love with the Clover Leaf gown itself but the ideas behind it and the relentless pursuit of achieving exactly what he did? Yes! I need to pick up a copy of the book of the Metropolitan Museum exhibit but I am pretty sure I have seen the pattern for that particular dress. The V&A has one version so it may have been one of their publications.

But I’ve also been inspired by mid 20thC design anyway. There is a Vintage event coming up (I’ve forgotten when and where! darned midnight browsing) and I’d love to get a dream frock ready for that. It’ll be a bit tough but I just need to grab some sequins…..

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