back in sort of normal mode.

Not going to lie it takes more than half a week to actually do a day of teaching so I am still in tidy up mode. The next one is going to be stupid fun: fitted sleeve making with a near perfect sleeve and also GIGOT SLEEVES OF DOOM! My 1830s dress has epic sleeves of doom that are pleated to make the super cute shape 🙂 I hope I have photos from before the pleating…. And like last time I’ll have class resources available the day before.

I also have to do a few more variations on the basic skirt cutting. I cut intuitively but it comes from having that practice and so know that a cm here o r there in some places makes no matter. But not everyone can visualise that. Or they just need some practice to make that connection 🙂

Also I know how to teach the waterfall drapery properly!!!!! Woo! So I’ll have to get some chalk and a nice big piece of paper.

But yeah I have to tidy today. SO to the second coffee before getting on to tidying and then a spot of sewing and some

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