Amazon Costumes- Diana gold training

There was a little query as to whether the costumes really were leather and these insane hi res images confirm it ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve seen most of these promos before but these are in such high quality they need to be seen in full ๐Ÿ™‚ No new images for other amazons but for the royal family it’s fantastic!

This photo shows the two textures of leather- the strapping has a stone effect- well the opposite- the raised areas are the lines. It looks to have been painted to a warm reddish brown (the inner surface appears to be the original neutral tone) and gold was buffed in to the texture filling the areas between the raised design but only lightly over the raised edges.

The main body is also leather as can be seen by observing the edges which have been trimmed by hand (edge beveler) and probably fininshed with an edge paint in gold (edge paint seals the raw edges, this may be just a heavy gold paint.) The surface of the body appears to have a natural finish and is painted into those waves! This is especially noticeable near the dip at the upper ย centre front where there are creases from stress on the leather but no shadows cast by the “texture.”

The edges are clearly visible here and are defined with gold paint. The skirt is a very soft suede with a very soft snakeskin print in a clear gloss that appears to have been applied while the skirt was pleated initially.

So this is great for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I love working with leather. It is possible to do at home with very safe products that are durable. The originals were steamed on the forms and at home you have to be very careful to work with each piece in warm-hot water (just hot enough to stand- so no risk of burning self) but the leather will be very malleable so you really do have to know exactly the order you are working in and probably stick with doing the front then the back so as to be able to work with gravity (mannequin lying flat versus upright.)

(screenshots from 4K trailers online.)

Sandals from the same set of publicity stills.


My Blood Dragon armour was made using wetformed letaher too, and yes, I know from experience gravity will peel your hard work off the form while you work on another part!

I will not make this costume. I will not make this costume. I will not make this costume.

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