Still here

I have been slightly overdoing things for me, but still feeling like I’m running backwards.

My separated rib does mostly feel normal. It’s not ideal but healing and not too differently to how it was originally. I just need to make sure I don’t do what I did to my broken toe 6 weeks after- which is to rebreak it. There is still pain and I’m not entirely sure if it is contributing inflammation to the general area.

That cold? It got reintroduced to the home but hooray for immune memory! So aside from some itchy eyes and feeling a bit like there are germs everywhere (psychological reaction, though true) it’s not been a double whammy.

I am revisiting being vegetarian again. I have  noticed some side effects that double down on side effects of medication so I’m trying to avoid that. But I think I ‘ll keep seafood as it’s know to protect against a lot of issues I’m concerned about.

Fatigue has just hit again in the last few hours, in part due to the noise of digging up the road for fibre (not our street- the main street we are on and the main street parallel to us.) And regular drop out of our wifi (probably related.) I was trying to back track images and it was just so much extra work. And it’s a big project. So I now feel even more overwhelmed by it!

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