day four of germageddon

Day one: exposure

Day two: symptomless but probably infecting others

Day three: operation Dragon throat of fire, operation endless swap.

Day four: Operation watch the congestion.

It’s so much better today. Throat doesn’t hurt at all, headache not so bad but stuffy nose.


So this is great. Also I am keen on all my projects again 🙂

Got some more Padme bodice drapery trimmed and pinned. Got my Cleves braid off and Heat n Bonded to make it as self supported as the rest of the brocade. Pinned back in place. Next step is to cut some canvas for interlining and then overcast all the way around again. I have done this several times. I should have had this finished in Feb…


And I forgot to say! I got my Valois hemmed on Saturday at the SCA Music evening 🙂 So time management has been difficult but well balanced. So this means I can put my Cleve hem out to work on. Knowing how long it takes.

Also I need to do a separate post about that 🙂


I also had to break up a fight between Mr Fluff and Mr Carlo, I got scratched, it’s not too bad, but I was worried Mr Fluff would be too shy to stay. But he is still spending time indoors.


What’s happened is that Mr Fluff being so big managed to defend our house from all the other cats near us. So Mr Carlo never has to interact with them, or makes the assumption that it is his own presence (pheromones) that are doing the trick. So he sees Mr Fluff as an enemy. Mr Fluff knows Carlo was here first 9again those pheromones) and so he doesn’t attack.

So while Mr Fluff is actually dominant it is Mr Carlo who thinks he is. Mr Carlo would be bullied by several cats if Mr Fluff wasn’t here. But he has not made that connection.

I think we are the ideal candidate for that plug in cat pheromone system.

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