i feel very not well at all

So my rib is not likely to be broken, but I need to rest, which means sitting up is bad for long.

I’m not sure if I feel sick from lying down or from medication (NSAIDs) or because of exactly where I hurt which is sort of right in line with my tummy.

All said I feel fevery and want to just sleep this away.

And it’s a hot day today after several days of cool. That may be part of it. Okay some green tea with lemon and some paracetamol. At least I have the ACC form filled out and it is not the most embarrassing series of events ever.

I couldn’t be bothered sitting down so I leaned over my chair and dislodged a rib on the back of it.

Perfectly normal.

Actually no. It means my eyesight is getting worse- ooh yeah. It is bad. And uneven- my monitor looks like it is strobing if I look at it just right. To the optometrist! Though eye pressure might be part of the mix.

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