printer is set up sort of!

I have an Anycubic I3 Mega. Basically I know the company will review videos for troubleshooting which makes it much easier for tech support! And these things need a bit of support as they are machines that move a lot and so over time will have wear in everything from electronics to heated bed to.. well everything.

It’s not reading the files on the card it came with though, nor any I drop over from Cura and in reading TS for other printers it may be a case of finding the right card (under 2G and FAT 16 and maybe even different brands…. which is not really helpful. A brand name would be easier to track down! As in it may come down to a specific card not even a make and number.)

This is quite a nice sized printer! I did get to see the Kossel and the Prusa, the Kossel is taller but the Prusa is quite a bit smaller. And I have seen a Makerbot clone so yeah. Pretty well on par, just not enclosed.

I am very impressed that this is genuinely a complete kit. I accidentally bought an extra spool holder (to which I say have at it! I am going to give it away  to someone who needs it 🙂

Also pretty intuitive to assemble- I did have trouble with the connections, but I also was going by the set up video rather than actually going by the pdf.

Also extra parts!

So I did use the leveler- not quite automatic but the noise is a very clear and easy to understand instruction to stop. Stop right now. And maybe go back a fraction of a turn. You still will have to adjust each corner because checking but even so.

I do have a small problem in this regard…

Okay so the leveling is between bed and nozzle but this really cant’t be helping things…

But I can’t get the printer to read any SD card. It recognises there is a card. Just not the contents. I am trying to troubleshoot a little blind here. But I have seen what these machines are capable of and it is perfect for what I want to do.

I have a dream project or five that will benefit from this so I want to get it to work and to not break it. So far I have let the machine feed the filament as I can’t get it to align. And I have leveled and tested temperatures a few times.

But I will need to install Cura on a machine and attach it to get any test print I think 🙂 Yeah, I can’t even get the gcode file on the card to come up on the LCD.


And it does seem to keep wanting to move in the y axis in a very disturbingly noisy way. But I knew these were noisy based on reviews.


What I was most concerned with is the heating elements- but the temperature is well monitored.

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