i bought a 3d printer


It was right on my actual budget not my fingers in ears somehow figure things out budget.

It is reassembled, has autoleveling and the company support looks really good. The online community is also supportive. ANd I have watched the thing in action via a review. The most recent model looks slightly more improved but this model has everything I’m after.

Autoleveleing. I cannot describe how my joy turned to dismay when I saw how leveling usually works. Literally a series of wingnut and judge my eye measures. Why? the print bed of all machines need to be aligned to the nozzels. This is not like levelling to geography.

Heated bed. I want to print in ABS so.. this is a must. I can make abs juice no worries but this is a little more predictable.

sheet metal frame. It’s where a lot of the price difference goes to the next step less costly. But I live in a climate that is weird, sturdy metala frame will save precious troubleshooting time.

generic filament roll. A few printer I was looking at had proprietary software or filament holders/feeders. This adds cost and more than that waste (can send them back to manufacturere for a refund but at own shipping cost.)

community. As mentioned there is an active community that share files for better prints. The first one will be to make an airtight spool case- basically a standard sealable bin and the print is for a hose connection or filament feed.

Support. I have seen this in action. The makers will replace genuinely faulty parts with video evidence! (thus my desire for easy troubleshooting and warped support is a big issue.)

Print volume. 210x210x205mm. About 8 1/3X8 1/3×8″. That is not the biggest print volume but it’s damn decent.

0.05mm resolution. Most good printers will get down/up to 0.1mm but this can do 0.05-0.3mm resolution. So I can do slightly less fine prints fairly quickly (prevent warpage?) if I am prepared to tidy a little more after. Yes.


What I didn’t manage:

enclosed casing. This is to help maintain temperature for tall ABS prints. Apparently ABS will warp in tall prints. It also means ABS fumes will just permeate the environment. So I will need to make sure my studio is warmed up for big prints and there is space for the printer to be supported and not be wobbled. My industrial overlocker will be a semi-temporary home.


So I still need to pick the darn thing up.  But if I can’t get a ride I have paid for a courier 🙂




Jewelry! props! Horns!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

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