borders done!

My Anne of Cleves frock has finally got the gold brocade fully stitched. Well it needs tidying, the joins need to be carefully stitched after some good pressing 0


Also I booked into Midwinter in Cluain 🙂 It’s semi public, well the A&S vignettes will be and I am doing one 🙂 So hopefully I can share the info and may be able to loan out some gear if anyone wants to help me out 🙂


The above sentences are indeed connected 🙂 I can’t talk garb in less than 45 minutes, I really can’t- I try and break things down to not just be understood but retained for later use so that takes repitition and big picture-> little picture-> big picture. But I can do a solo performance piece XD

So the real story of Anne of Cleves shall be told 🙂 I shall be sneaking frock talk into it as I am very excited about it, but essentially after reading through some primary documents (transcribed) that support a lot of suspicions I think I have a nice hook to make it accessible.

So excited 🙂 It will be a performance piece but with some documentation that will be shared both on site and online 🙂

Really excited 🙂

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