I’ve been quiet here as it’s the year anniversary of my Boo passing. Feelings of guilt and sadness and everything you’d expect to hit, hit hard.

It’s also be hot, very hot for Auckland which tends towards humid, and I’ve variously hurt my hands (requiring a lot of steroids) and got some sort of bug that just is there. Just a slight fever.

But today has been a day or starting to reclaim a bit of my normal life again.

Right now I’m uploading photos of my Maleficent horns to create a 3D model. I may plump for some extra space to make best use of the opportunity. But I need to add texture in Sculptris anyway so this should work out. So it took an hour to get those photos.

Also uploading my uploads folder from pre-website attack. I did take the time though to remove all the thumbnails created and that took a while. For some reason the search function in Win10 wouldn’t find all of them in one go but sorted it is. Once the files are back in the right places I’ll be able to regenerate thumbnails.

Also been trying to import instagram photos here for super fast and easy updates, but the plugin needs updating to basically slow the number of requests. So fingers crossed.

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