clearing the stash

This may or may not work outside my blog- media links do weird things, but I’m clearing out my hoard of stuff, including some very gaudy chiffon. Too much to really


Saree Borders. 15yards-ish of the black and gold, 4 yardsish of the blue.

$5/yard or reasonable offer- brand new. Left is a flocked grown, right is a velour.


9yardsish very sparkly braid, and about 14yards gold lame piping. Free with either above.


5 1/2 yards each lace. $15/yard of the cream $10/yard of the orange. The orange feels like cotton, like a cotton towel but it’s not. And the dye won’t come out with RIT colour remover. Possibly a magical mibrofibre but it should dye with iDye poly or the RIT poly stuff. I haven’t tried.

The orange is more tangerine. It’s glorious but I need this off white.

~6yard poly chiffon sarees each with just over 4 yards border one side and 1 1/2 on the other. $20 each

The red and blue is insanely bright it hurts to look at.

~6yard vibrant pink poly chiffon slightly cooler than fuchsia. The lime green is only about 3 yards.

There are still pieces from my last destash, so if you have access to the Book of the Face have a look see 🙂

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