time to get some archives back up

In the last few years I have had to give up my domain name (well my domain had high rankings and a lot to like about it, but my profile was getting lost because I am not a business and do not have the ability to pay for traffic boost, so it lost visibility.)

I’d also basically be paying extra to give stuff away for free so..

But I have in that time seen my costume work, my output of my research, used to inspire others almost down to the last bead, but without credit. This is of course frustrating, but I’m not sure many people realise why. Or how I can spot that influence (because those details are what I worked very hard to get “right” and I know the stages of getting there.)

I understand not being able to credit my work- it was lost, you have to find my older site on web archive now. And while that’s great it’s not easy to just say “I remember a site, what was it, had that frock?” Because smart as google’s AI is it’s not going to work! (though image search is a thing, pop that picture in and see who else has saved that link.)

So I do get it, but even just saying “I was inspired by a costumer I can no longer find online” would have been enough for me to pop up and ask “was that me? Sorry, here is my frock, and here is everything I wrote and why I chose these specific interpretations to fill in the missing information. ”

Well I would have rebuilt those pages faster and put all that in 😉

And that’s the other side of the frustration. I interpreted a few portraits having hunted out references that are not in fact linked from my site, but that do give some credence to those decisions. At the moment there is little explanation for why I decided on one option and not another. It’s being assumed that’s how it was because that’s how I did it.

So in some ways this makes me very torn about sharing more information here. Due to the time gap of domain moving, and the hacking, it is now very hard to find me except from my social media accounts. My site is not trusted because of the breach. So because of other people I have lost a good decade of reputation online.

That said while wordpress is not exactly the easiest platform to get archive back in place I will try. It may be costume by costume but I do plan on making sure all the dates for posts are accurate.

A lot of previous research is indeed on my to do list for this year- a lot of work last year has laid foundations for this year.

But much of that needs that historic trail to give it value and that is gone forever. Or maybe I do just put in a webarchive link front and centre.. yeah.

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