last day of 2016

It’s been a tough one, for many of us both in public and private ways.

I have finally had a reprieve from my disease- not a full remission, about an 80% reduction in pain and other issues. ANd for the last week and a bit I have been pushing myself to do, to make, to live.

I do not choose my therapy it is defined by a mix of my body, my disease type and systemic response, as well as what I have access to not just in terms of the therapy but people who can prescribe and administer it.

It is not a choice as many would think- it’s this or nothing. That is not a choice, but it is a decision.

But I do choose to fight with whatever tools are available. In order to use them it means some changes in other parts of my life such as having to make the decision to stop being vegetarian. It has made a significant impact on the quality of the rest of my well being- but only by sticking to low fat low salt options (my chicken recipe is poach in water with peppercorns and bay leaves, done.)

So the end of this year has been spent crafting (pearl work), researching, and exercising. And while I can’t be with friends I am with family so all in all a very good final day of the year.

Yes my feet and hands hurt, but I am here and it is now.


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