day of writing next up sewing

After yesterday’s marathon effort to mock and cut the sheer princess petticoat, then bleach it, then wash it and hope the stains from the driveway didn’t do too much damage- it will need a soak in napisan at some point but for now I just am going ahead!- I have pressed the thing ready for assembly.

I also though spent several hours trying to get some of my documentation ready- I’m only allowed to use the image I have in a not-for profit situation. So this means I can’t really publish in Costume as I was hoping to (the open access fee I’d have to pay is something I need in reserve for another round of custom splints and that didn’t really go well the first time.)

Anyway. My aim is open access but actually published, so aiming for that in the next few weeks. It’s mainly a case of putting references properly and formating the thing. It would have been easier as a pinterest board!

I keep using the P word because my google searches are dominated by the site and most people do not know how to find stable links to pin (perhaps by mobile?)

So now I get to go outside and see if I can put some of the research to good use and also see if I can get some bulk sewing sorted 🙂

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