new princesse petticoat

Now to cut the self lining and do final finishing. I’ll need to tape the neckline but that’s fine, and the centre back needs some gores added so hopefully I can squeeze that out. Or I could just say hany it and use my calico.

But this cotton is so cool to touch.. I admit I’d much rather have sateen on the surface but I don’t have anything like enough.

Why yes, that is an extremely plunging back. Decided the Tissot figure was way too much fun especially after spotting the lace detail on an inner layer. I can sneak some flesh toned net behind some fine lace to make a nice sturdy back support.

Also that bra on the mannequin is riding high, and is incidentally holding up about a D cup. I am an a. This is to counter the effect of squishing through the waist to underbust, creates a defined bust and generally gets overly squished in modern attempts at Victorian corsetry and patterning.

Oh, I did it too. Still get tempted to keep pinching excess fabric from there but no! Even with very supported busts that downward pressure from the bust helps hold the garment in place and helps the underbust act like an anchor.

Like the waist. It’s an anchor not just because it sits on top of a wider part of the body but also under.

Okay, tea heated, photos updated. Back to it! Then to try and just sew rather than do any more cutting.

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