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While researching the Robe de Style I kept coming across gowns that were fitted to the body and accentuated curves. This is surprising to many followers of fashion however it really shouldn’t be 🙂

Then as now there was a lot of media covering fashion, many styles that had short lives, many that had long lives. What is remembered tend to be what is most shocking or memorable to later generations.

I’ve lost the date for a number of photos so to make anything I share here pertinent I am going through several antique dressmaking books.

I always feared the 1920s, but the drive then was not for shapeless, there is a lot of knitwear that makes you just wonder what might have been… it’s no coincidence the bias cut developed in this era to flourish the start of the next decade.

The roots of the slinky bias cut were well in place.


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