summer cleaning

or delayed spring cleaning, I decided that as I have too many obsessive projects on the go I needed to just tidy up my workspaces as well as get rid of projects I no longer think I can finish.

It’s very warm right now and my health has suffered so much this year that I am also taking the time to tidy other parts of my life.

So I have a lovely sipper cup to drink water from as well as green tea, staying hydrated has been a fine balancing act.

And I have also installed Mint on my netbook. It actually runs again! It was sluggish with Win10 but the anniversary edition broke it. Blue screen of death within 1/2 hour of use. Updating plugins and codecs took a while but wow. I also had to fix the wifi settings but that was a really easy fix (setting “ignore” for something I don’t think I have a choice in 🙂 Most of the suggestions included coding and just not right now. I can do it but prefer to not!)

And I’ll soon have a nifty controller! I’m getting a console for Christmas/Birthday!!! The hype is real. My hands are going to need more care than ever in the next few years so this is a big step. I can save up for extra space (SSDs only from now on, seriously) and a vertical mouse. Now those are pricey! All options for accessibility are. But this way I can save 🙂

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