Why don’t you eat much? This is why

Oh boy, I have managed to wean myself off a heck of a lot of medication for my disease. This has been great! I have reduced NSAID use. And so I have managed to stop having twice daily omeprazol. I am back down to disease modification only!


But it means I have to be a grazer. I eat no more than a half cup of food at any meal. But I do tend to nibble every hour or so.

Today I realised I cannot break this even now. A wonderful High Tea with lovely new people (and a good friend and her lovely partner I hope to get to know more!!!) and whoops.

Anyway. It’s not something I think about too often as I just have gotten so used to it, but today really did remind me of why I graze. I can avoid medication I really don’t want to have to take by avoiding foods I know cause me issues. And I also avoid them by rarely stressing my system.

So I really am sorry if I ever appear to be snubbing the chef! I mean I do have a stress related issue that can be triggered, but this is just the day to day. I need the medication I do take and to make sure it stays effective I need to either make accommodation in diet or extra medication. I prefer the former as it’s cheaper and easier to maintain long term!

And yes, I could have taken half the nibblies home, but that’s the thing about a plate of little bites- deceptive!

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