New techniques for scultping

I went on a tutorial spree last night, I tend to look at SFX artists as I know they work on film so it raises my levels of expectations for my own work.

I’m kind of used to this from singing. As a soprano I have to be able to hit an Eb. In reality I need to be able to hit an F above that in order for that note to be good. My RA has lost me that note, but my C is still strong. As in I can bounce the Eb and the F out but can’t sustain it. I can sustain a C. So on my resume I have to say I can sing to a C. Doesn’t matter that I can pipe those notes, this is for roles where those notes have to ring.

So I use that to explain why I use so many traditional skills and why I look to those who have established their craft for years as my aim. I may never be that good but it makes what I can do really well supported and really stable. And I may get that good in which case I look at what they are learning and who they are learning from and I keep stepping up my expectations.

Meanwhile there are some custom tools to make today and I am excited by them ๐Ÿ™‚

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