that old fatigue

I had two days, and part of today where I felt really good. I managed to do a few things too which was very exciting. Right now I am hitting a very steep fatigue curve so I thought I might just record what it’s like before I’m in bed.

This morning I woke up a little tired, but the time I woke was a really good balance of being late enough that I had enough sleep and early enough to make a good start of the day 🙂

I had breakfast, showered, updated my site and read emails. Read a reply I was a bit worried about, and then decided on a project to look at. A little bit of sewing done.

All this time I was still pretty okay, it was a bit hard to focus and I made a few errors, but I still managed to do more than I had to redo.

I even managed to restore some of my website blogs. So that was very rewarding!

In the last few minutes though I have started to find it hard to concentrate, started to get jittery, and since starting this sentence light is starting to be difficult to deal with and taste and smell are threatening to be overwhelming.

I am hydrated, rested, as energised as I can be by my environment, and technically have had plenty of sleep for the last few days.

But still I am here right now about to attempt to rest. It’s difficult because not every system is on board, my brain is certainly telling me there is enough energy but my body is wilting and as the predominant user of energy is putting the breaks on.

It’s not like being tired, it’s probably closer to the 3pm dip most people who work in offices are familiar with. It just doesn’t have a fix or a cause that can be implemented easily. It’s a little trickier than working out when to have a snack or coffee. I already do all that.

Oh yes, that’s the thing. I try and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I walk when I can, I sing when I can, I eat pretty much only what I make from basics and supplement where needed. And it has a general benefit. It protects me from feeling like this all the time. But it doesn’t prevent it entirely.

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