I have a doublet

Well a shell. But the sleeves and tabs are all in place and they sit nicely, a bit more authentic than I wanted, I wanted uber flared wings, but I can try for another time. In theory the jubon shouldn’t have any wings as I’m wearing it under my saya y sayuelo de terciopelo con manga de punta entera.

Under my Spanish frock.

I seem to have misplaced my lovely verdugardos, which suits its name in being green. Green and crimson.


Anyway, slight detour to grab myself a strip of baleen form a bodice I need to restore- sadly there is powder in some of the seams and most of the boning taken out. I now have a sample of good Victorian steel (insanely thin and springy, like nothing I’ve seen) and a piece of baleen- probably lower quality it’s splitting a bit. Funnily enough the end with the hole is beautiful but there is a cut end that was never well done.

So now I see if I can get my stays bound properly so all I need to do tomorrow is hem stuff.

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