Early start, time to get out and sew!

I have prepped my fabrics ready to start making stuff. I may do what I have been doing which is to do some hemming/edging then mix in some tailoring and then some straight sewing.

Some days I can dedicate to one project, but then I need to mix it up a bit. Luckily my prep work yesterday included tidying 🙂 This means starting as I mean to go.

To the studio!

PS having major phone battery drain issues. Even if I charge my phone before I go to bed it is drained before I wake. I have force stopped and disabled everything I know, but it seems it is the OS that takes 70%, wi-fi 14%, cell standby and power idle equally next. This happened just recently so To The Googles!

Hmm, location services have been turned off but they are actually still running. More Googling required.

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