wig frankensteining-2

I got into thew groove of overhanding so totally didn’t get photos but here!

sm_dsc_0976 sm_dsc_0978

This hows how I sewed the wefts on a slight angle to help disguise the wefts a bit more and also added in wefts in shorter rows to fill the back as evenly as the front.


And I saved all my very short sections of weft to sew on the stable wig cap. This is because the wefting machine makes such a strong join in comparison to hand stitches that any join needs to be quite heavily supported.


This was what I thought I had left over, but I found about the same amount in two wefts as well so yay! If I need to fill in gaps I’ll be able to 🙂

sm_dsc_0982 sm_dsc_0983 sm_dsc_0984

And I go flumph.

So worth it. OMG. so. woth. it.

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