Marie progress- compromises

Ordered the first 60 stars for my costume, no biggie.
Actually really big biggie. I spent hours looking for the various options and was even looking at wholesale. There are stars that are so perfect but are on a heavy non-woven fusible that it would ruin the line of my dress, and would be hard to sew the beads in place as well. These have flat sequins sewn flat, by machine, in concentric star shapes so create a really mirrored finish. So they could in theory be bought all in one size and the outer rows removed for smaller. This ensures an exact match. 
The more usual pageant style stars are on organza (yay!) but use cup sequins, hand sewn around the shape in spirals. I have managed to use heat to flatten sequins before and these don’t seem to have the extreme faceting going on. There is some variation when you look at them across different sellers, and the tiny stars I’d like to get seem to have a lot of irregular beads. I really can’t afford to have to replace all the beads. Though it would be fine for some.
The stars are only one element of the embroidery of this gown, so I’m still having to gather beads and thread for the bodice, and find suitable laces for the sleeves, neckline, and swags.

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