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My Marie Antoinette hoops are slowly taking shape. I finally managed a pattern though, so if I have to redo this I have a guide.

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Yes, there are finally tape channels sewn in! And even more plumber’s coil/drain snake.I finally got the internal tapes to a position that works, and the tape is all hemmed.

Also that is a yoke on the dress form, I also had the hip padding under it, and it makes a big difference to how the hoops sit!

Detail photos at a later time. I just had to take some prednisone and am about to strap my wrists. I can’t close my hands nor my jaw so there is a heck of a lot of inflammation going on.

Weirdly though with that my sinus pain has gone, so I have no idea what system is in place- except that perhaps the inflammation cascade is actually functioning as intended in my face¬†due to a lack of synovium- my antibodies are against synovial tissue so maybe that’s how my sinuses are getting the benefit while my joints just get worse. Have to check on that.

Synovial tissue is also found around some organs as well as tendons and ligaments which is hwy it’s particularly nasty and why I hate that the disease is called Rheumatoid Arthritis- it is so misleading.

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