Allergy season

Allergy season came early, so it’s been a kind of handy marker for me to realise I do indeed have allergies. When the city is covered in yellow powder it becomes hard to avoid.

I didn’t know because how mine present is as a dry nose, and a desire to trepan¬†between my teeth and my eyes. I don’t sneeze, I don’t have blocked nasal passages, I just get inflamed ostia which are the teeny tiny narrow tubes that connect the sinuses to the nasal passages. And the only ones that seem to do this just happen to be the most annoying ones possible. The maxillary ones.

The maxillary sinuses do not drain with gravity, they are an epic design flaw, but understandable as they would have to drain into the mouth, given their location in the cheek bones.

So instead they “drain” out the top, and there are little cilia in the sinus cavity to move the mucus out.

So I am on triple therapy to reduce inflammation and have to have scheduled lie downs and have to sleep with my head tipped back.

So sadly no rinse is going to work, nothing to wash out,I need to just reduce the inflammation, and wait until the allergens go away.

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