Radio Gaga

Radio goo goo.

Seems incredibly relevant and now that I have the song in your head I’ll explain why.

The song is about being lost in the noise of the new, and we have indeed reached this point with our online lives.

So don’t become some background noise
A backdrop for the girls and boys

And it’s taken me a while to say that in a context that wasn’t whiney. How can you disagree with Queen (Roger Taylor in fact!)? It’s not fun feeling that way though. So I thought what can I do to help?

Well there were a few things. Firstly I took a hard look at my social media and unfollowed anyone who simply has not interacted with me in a long time, and vice versa. If anyone has thousands of friends they are not going to see much of anything. This is not ghosting, it’s recognising that this is not a healthy way to interact- hoping for something that just doesn’t happen. There is power in having too many friends to keep up with, but it’s not healthy.

Secondly I have been trying to actually comment, not just hit like. Likes are for yourself, comments are about the person on the other end. Unless it’s a rant of course. And that can happen with cross purposes and without intent.

I’m trying to reduce the number of times I post. I am on my desktop researching every day so it’s very easy to open a tab and do full form posts like this.

Also I’ll be fixing any issues in my blog- I have noticed far more interaction since the posts have come back and even more now the images are as well. There are a lot of links out there that were broken.

So for anyone feeling the same way, take care, keep yourself the star of your own show but know the people in your life are all real.


…love’s such an old fashioned word

and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the light

and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves…

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