Showcase cosplay talk next weekend

The world of cosplay

Cosplayer dressed as Elsa from Frozen standing with snowy mountain in background.When: Saturday 3 September, 2pm – 3.30pm
Where: Highland Park Library
Cost: Free

Join Michaela de Bruce as she introduces us to the World of Cosplay

I’ll be bringing historic as well as media recreations because I put the same level of research into both and I like the idea of showing how you can approach something in different ways 🙂

Might just try and get a range of “this is something I lucked into finding as a screen accurate fabric” as well as ‘this fabric took effort to see it in a different way” and I will bring Shae and my Ashara Zavros headpiece for people to try one. She is durable.

And Elsa, absolutely Elsa because she is the perfect example of bringing subtle skills in to play 🙂

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