Further weekend good times: changing fabric colours!

First up I dyed a pair of “jeans” to fuschia pink for my Kimmy Schmidt costume 🙂 Dylon is actually really nice still for tone on tone changes so I turned a pair of candy pink leggings in to fuschia.

But most importantly.. MARIE ANTOINETTE!!!!!!!

I managed to both remove all the dye from my silk and do the bulk of the pressing it needed after two hot baths 🙂

sm_DSC_0585 sm_DSC_0587 sm_DSC_0590

This was a dark beige, almost chocolate base, and there was tremendous risk in trying to remove the colour from such a long length of fabric! But it is done, and all the work has been worth it 🙂 Now I can make the hoops and piticoats and even draft the pattern. I am secure in knowing my fabric is going to be amazing, and that I am good at what I do! It can be very intimidating going back to a skill you haven’t used for a while :0

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