Okay, I will finish this

I had made all of this before C6 and D*C but lost the confidence to wear it. Sure I wore my Darth Talon but this.. this is a little more… well it only covers half what I’d like it too…

sm-DSC_0908 sm-DSC_0863

You can’t see but that is fishnet over shiny lycra so is very much like wearing fake ostrich legs- like super large goosebumps..

sm-DSC_0864 sm-DSC_0870 sm-DSC_0865

But I loved all the little plastic pieces I made! So many squares! look at them! These are all cut from expanded PVC (Forex here, Sintra, etc.- though different manufacturers apparently heat seal at different pressures/temps so there is a difference!) or extruded PVC. See the red? That’s PVC weld 🙂 That dissolves the plastic to essentially melt and weld. It works best with pressure and with very scuffed surfaces. This is how I’ll be making my Avatar set 🙂

Yes, tht is one of my Shae Vizla rangefinder pieces, I recycle my offcuts where possible! I have a bit container of offcuts!

sm_swtor 2016-06-17 20-45-26-33 sm_swtor 2016-06-17 20-45-37-88 sm_swtor 2016-06-17 20-47-33-30 sm_swtor 2016-06-17 20-48-49-36

I did just drop in a Black/Grey dye kit and that makes the set go from totally only for the fans to something at least a little more in keeping.

Also what do you do when you put your toon in the dance outfit except find bounties and a Hutt.


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