I have a CRL :)

I have not shared too much because the process is fairly arcane and frustrating and I’m trying to find the best way to put that in words. Anyway.

That’s a moi.

See this? Think of me as the author and illustrator with two editors :). Two members who either both have access to updating the database- or one is able to edit files and the other cleared it for full approval. Anyway. I need a bit of a break from the beaurocratic side but I am just asking about  one more thing to help others have a slightly easier path to approval 🙂


This is a huge deal. This is the guide by which anyone wanting to register this costume with the 501st will use. And I am totally open to helping people, and in fact passing on my fabric finds and 3D files. I’ll get them on thingyverse I think.

So yeah, pretty damn big deal.  Actually one of the things in the editing process I kept trying and was luckily supported in- not to make it too specific. I also had to make it fit with American terminology. You all know a bodysuit is not a shirt right? But that’s what the other Ventress bodysuits have been called- it wasn’t until I looked at other parts of other CRLs I realised this. So go forth and make your shirts bodysuits so you can anchor them in place and not have them ride up!

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